Why you need to know your true worth

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What you believe about your worth is crucial because it determines how you live and love.

What you believe about your worth influences you more than your circumstances. (Click to Tweet.) 

(This is not to minimize or deny the difficulty of any one’s circumstances.)

If you live in poverty and dumpster dive for food because your parents don’t believe in welfare, and you win a full scholarship so you can study your passion (art), will you take it?

Jeannette’s sister Lori receives such an offer and a chance to escape their run-down home with no indoor plumbing.

Simple decision, right?

As told in Jeannette Walls’ memoir The Glass Castle, Lori sabotaged herself by not returning the necessary paperwork.

Lori unconsciously felt unworthy of the scholarship so she sabotaged and refused the gift.

(Can you relate to Lori? I can at different times.)

In contrast, four women share their stories of broken dreams, pain, and renewed hope in this video in short clips interspersed between Francesca Battistelli’s song “He Knows Your Name.”

Maybe you can identify with one or more of these women’s stories.

Once each woman embraced the gift of her true worth in God, she had the freedom to be who God created her.

I know some of you, like Alma, have suffered abuse.

I don’t have to let my past determine my future or limit me.Alma

Or maybe your story isn’t dramatic, but you remember feeling “less-than” and doing things to fit in you later regret.

Or maybe you feel you’re too ordinary with your job and family.

You are extraordinary because our exceptional God created you, imprinting you with a unique way of displaying God’s glory/character to the world.

God doesn’t base your worth on your performance, possessions, or position. God loves you because God created you. (Click to Tweet.)

Will you choose to believe and receive the gift of your true worth?

We need you. No one else can display God’s love the way you can. Uniquely.

We need to know who are (in all of our glorious complexity) if we want to be our individual best—defined as “more fully myself as God created.” We can’t be our best if we don’t know what our best is. Being our best is not about comparison. God gifted us each differently so each person’s best is unique and valuable. From Day 2 of 7 Days of Soul Care

Welcome to Week 2 of our 7 Days of Soul Care Book Club

Questions from Day 2:

What phrases or concepts resonate with you about God and how he values you when you read Psalm 139:1–18 aloud slowly, at least three times, or listen to it being read via Biblegateway.com’s audio recording of certain translations (like ESV (read by actor Max McLean) or The Message). Create art from those phrases.


What does God tell us through the Bible about our extraordinary worth? Read Matthew 6:25–34 aloud.

Which image speaks to you of God’s tender care for you? The lilies? The sparrow? Meditate on it whenever you have a pause, such as when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting in line.


Is there a song (like “You are Beloved” by Jordan Feliz: a new find) you can listen to that expresses the truth of your worth?

Shortened prayer from Day 2:

  • “God, Help me to experience as truth in the marrow of my soul: You love me unconditionally. Nothing I do will cause you to love me more or less than you already do as shown in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.”

This year for Lent, we’re marking off each day using a Lenten wreath. When we remember, we read a short section from the book of Mark and then discuss it as a family.

  • What are you doing as a Lenten practice this year?
  • How would you live differently if you truly believed God loved you unconditionally?
  • Would you risk and dream? Take better care of yourself?

Thanks for being here. I always appreciate your presence here.

Parts of this post are excerpted from Day 2 of 7 Days of Soul Care.

Feel free to answer questions in a journal, a blog post, or in the comments. If you leave the URL for your blog, I will visit you.

If you want to join but don’t have a copy of the book, you can buy it here and read reviews.

Feel free to invite friends to join.

God gifted us each differently so each person’s best is unique and valuable. From Day 2 of 7 Days of Soul Care

Remember soul care is not selfish. It’s wise because it connects us with our extraordinary God who is our life (see John 15:1-5) so we can be fruitful in our relationships and work.

If you want the scheduled questions for all 7 weeks, here is a downloadable PDF.

Why are we taking one week for each of the seven days in the book? Learn why and read an excerpt from the Introduction here.

Next week, we discuss “Day 3: Know Jesus, Know God” with a new set of questions and activities.

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