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Hello! Welcome to our new series on experiencing more of God’s love and presence.

Why? Because the more we experience and are transformed by God’s love, then the more we can be change agents of love in our families, neighborhoods, and communities.

Because the more we experience and are transformed by God’s love, then the more we can be change agents of love in our families, neighborhoods, and communities.

It is not a quick transformation.

But if we keep abiding in Jesus, we will change (see John 15:1-5). Trust me.

Have you ever visited a new place and tried to describe it to a friend, who’d never been there?

You strain to find words in your old vocabulary to share with your friend this fabulous new thing.

For example, when I visited Guatemala a few years ago to visit The Potter’s House and their amazing ministry, when I returned, my tongue failed as I tried to tell loved ones about the wonderful people I met.

As I process what God has been doing in my heart lately, I realize God is taking me on a new path.

There are no guideposts beyond the Holy Spirit, the Bible, and the words of those who have also walked this way.

I am on an adventure with God. God is changing my perception of life, others, and myself in radical ways.

God is doing a new thing in my life, beginning with my heart (see Isaiah 43:19).

Here is a peek into my prayer journal from May 1, 2017:

What do you want to tell me, God?

I love you, Dolly, more than you know. [Please feel free to replace “Dolly” with your name instead. It’s true!]

I delight in you. I see you in Christ (see Col. 3:1-17).

I see you becoming more of who I created you to be.

Rest. Stop striving. Trust Me. I am with you.

(I share this because it is also God’s message to you if you quiet and listen for His voice of love. Belief in God’s view of you will change you more than anything else.)

Dear Reader,

I pray you can hear God speaking love to you today. God’s love doesn’t depend on your behavior (whether you get all A’s, hit a home run, or make the most [whatever you deem crucial]).

Yes, our behavior changes because our identity changes in Christ but we don’t change to earn God’s love.

This is a life-transforming truth if we can let it soak deep into the nook and crannies of our being.

Three soul-training suggestions (aim for 3-5 times this week, if you can)

What has helped me lately is setting a timer for five minutes and being quiet before God. If you’re new to this, it might be hard. Just keep a notepad nearby and write down any stray thoughts.

I like to sit in a quiet spot and take several cleansing breaths during the time.

Sometimes I forget to be silent and I start praying before I catch myself. No worries. It is all good.


If you don’t suffer from allergies (you’re blessed!) and you have a safe place to go, then walk outside.

Mute your phone. Pay attention to the whisper of the wind or the warmth of the sunshine on your skin. Maybe there’s a tree or flower begging to be noticed.


Read Colossians 3:1-17 daily for a week. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to understand what it means to have your life hidden in Christ.

These are suggestions. Do what helps you or create your own.

Please let me know if you try any of these suggestions or if you came up with another one.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. And a special prayer for comfort if you’ve lost a mom, or cannot become a mom because of infertility, or because your mom is not a safe person.

P.S.S. Please pray as I speak at a rehab center on Sunday and I’m fighting off (a cold?). Please pray I can encourage the listeners (many are either in a wheelchair or a body chair). Thanks!