When a friend sees you

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Charlotte is dying.  She kept her promise and saved Wilbur’s life.  Now two friends must say “good-bye.”


Charlotte says, “Oh Wilbur, don’t you know what you’ve already done.  You made me your friend, and in doing so, you made a spider beautiful to everyone in that barn…” *


Charlotte and Wilbur saw something special in each other that no one else in the barn did.

My head knows it is just a movie, but my heart is moved at the beauty of the love expressed between two unlikely friends: a spring pig (who will see winter) because of his friend Charlotte, the spider.

My cheeks surprise at tears streaming by as I watch Charlotte’s Web (on DVD) based on the book with the same title by E.B. White.  I highly recommend the movie.  Our girl liked the funny exchanges between the farm animals.

Days before, I had been ruminating over how God declared Jesus “His beloved son” before Jesus began his public ministry (Mark 1:9-14).  His belovedness was not based on what He did.

God’s unconditional love is a recurring theme in my life. 

It goes against frequent messages I heard as a young child, a teen, a young adult, and even now from certain key people. 

God has been reshaping my thoughts (Romans 12:2), the very neurons in my brain, and my soul with this amazing and freeing truth.  I pray for the people in my life who have yet to experience His unearned and undeserved gracious love.

I share my teary response with an older, wiser Christ-follower.  She advises me to sit with God some more and suggests that maybe I can see it as:

God sees something in me that no one else sees.

I see something in God that no one else sees.

Someone once said that tears are liquid prayers.  Maybe I was praying and God was replying.

Then I read new blogging friend Nikki’s touching post where she shares about having a similar talk with God about His love for her.

Next I read my dear friend Jennifer Camp’s faith-filled post where she declares God’s word is living and He speaks to us.  I sing “AMEN.”  

Both posts serve as surprise bookends to God’s message of love to me.

Feeling those “God-bumps,” as Jennifer of Getting Down with Jesus says.

Do you believe that God looks at you with love?  In the secret depths of your soul, do you believe God sees you – the real you – and He loves you anyway.

Praying that you experience His life-giving love.

* Source of quote: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0413895/quotes

Linking with kind Jennifer of Getting Down with Jesus.

Also linking with the encouraging Emily of Imperfect Prose.  Please pray for her and her family as they will be taking in two boys soon.

Image courtesy of fabulous photographer: findstuff22

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