Valentine’s Day came early with “The Screwtape Letters”

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Valentine’s Day came early as my husband and I treated each other to a matinee of the play, “The Screwtape Letters.” 

It is a slightly updated adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ satirical book by the same title.  Senior tempter, Screwtape (Max McLean) dictates letters on the art of temptation for the benefit of junior tempter, Wormwood. 

It was only showing this past weekend in nearby San Francisco and we had free babysitting (many thanks to hubby’s family).  Smile

The set was stark (leather armchair and metal lecturn were key) and dark in color, mood, and feel.  The backdrop of skulls and bones evoked death and hell.  The play begins with Screwtape in a military-inspired jacket putting on white gloves then standing behind the lecturn to address a meeting of demons.

Made me think of Hitler addressing the masses. {shiver}

The play made me appreciate C.S. Lewis’ brilliance (again).  It also caused me to alternately laugh and/or nod in recognition at all of the subtle and not-so-subtle ways the evil one works in our lives. 

Oh, the temptation to give into the 24/7 noise around us as it seeks to smother out the still small voice of the One who loves us best.

I will be mulling over the play for the next few days. 

The two temptations that hit home (the hardest) are: to be caught up in the busyness of daily life and how God wants us to enjoy the pleasures of a walk and a good book.

It affirmed to me that whenever I fight to carve out time to be quiet and be with God that I am resisting the evil one. 

If Jesus withdrew to pray (Mark 1:35-38) and focus on his calling, then how much more do I need to heed His example.

It was so encouraging to be reminded that God is the author of all good, true and beautiful gifts/pleasures.  The evil one cannot create pleasure; he can only corrupt what God has created for good (e.g., sex, food, relationships).

What a joy to know that I can meet with God as I delight in all the colors, sounds and sights on a walk along the beach.

If the play comes to your area, SEE IT (if you can).  Go to  for dates, times and places where the play will be featured.

Counting blessings with Ann today:

For Jeff Goins’ e-book, “Every Writer’s Dream” (get it here). You won’t regret it; I started reading it last night.

For C.S. Lewis being a writer and a Jesus follower.

For my Moms In Touch faithful praying friends (Jennifer, Michelle and Kathleen).  You rock!

Being able to watch the play “The Screwtape Letters” with my husband.

For the fellowship of friends, who are also seeking a deeper walk with God.

For music that makes my spirit sing with joy and gratitude.

For Nikki of “Simply Striving” sharing J.J. Heller’s song “Only Love Remains” here.

For God’s gentle patience as I work with Him to overcome perfectionism and my fears.

For daughter’s joy in participating in a school musical although she didn’t get the role she wanted.

For time with extended family yesterday after the play.

For a fresh start TODAY.

For you – here with me. Smile

I am linking with three God-gifted sisters’ blogs today: L.L. Barkat, Laura Boggess, and Ann VosKamp at her blog:“A Holy Experience.”

Be encouraged and visit each of their beautiful blogs! 

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Image courtesy of: woaleslieXO

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