Would you move into this neighborhood? (& 3 Reads)

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Because it is Holy Week, I postponed our book club discussion. Instead, I included three links to posts for your Holy Week journey.

Would you move into a blighted neighborhood knowing you would die?

What if the neighborhood wasn’t as nice as the one you came from?

And yet, during Holy Week, we remember how God moved into our neighborhood on this spinning blue, green, and white marble.

Staggering and unfathomable: God’s love for us.

We remember how Jesus made it possible for us to be with God now and forever (see 1 Peter 2:24-25).

And we remember the work of restoration continues, one person at a time.

Three reads for your Holy Week

1.Here is a link to Michael Card’s song, “To a Broken God” along with the lyrics. Or you can listen to the song here.

If you’re broken, may you know God suffers with you.

It is not the act of a good disciple to flee from the cross in order to enjoy an easy piety. St. John of the Cross

2. “It is much harder to stay faithful to living with Christ and learning to be like Christ in the midst of betrayal, violence, pain, struggle, and death. There is a part of us that shrinks from this part of the journey, preferring to skip right to the Resurrection!” Read the rest of Ruth Haley Barton’s post, “An Act of Discipleship: Walking with Christ through Holy Week” here.

The depth of Christ’s suffering before he was crucified and when Roman soldiers stretched and nailed his broken body to the cross is beyond comprehension.

3. Here is a post about resurrection hope called “Germination of the Soul” by Mimi Dixon.

“Responding to God’s transforming work requires bravery—we must be brave. We must allow God to find the crack and pry it open. We must make spaces to pray, to deepen our trust in God because He is at work. It may be hard to imagine, but God is doing something beautiful in us that will burst forth into life.” Dr. Andrea Blaine, quoted by Mimi Dixon in “Germination of the Soul.”

Maybe you didn’t lose your battle with cancer like Dr. Andrea Blaine, but maybe you’re struggling to be brave as you deal with a prodigal, illness, or some other kind of pain.

This past Lent, I have responded to God’s transforming work by dying to my false self’s desire for control and cooperating with the deeper healing/grief work God calls me to do with him.

May we walk with Christ even as Christ walks with us.