Surprised by being Grateful

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I opened up the Comments section of my blog today expecting the usual avalanche of zero comments, and was blink-twice shocked to find 6 comments from five real women and not spammers.  What an unexpected gift of encouragement!  They were commenting on my latest Five Minute Fridays post using the prompt, “Grateful…”

God does have a sense of humor for which I am always grateful when I see it expressed. 

Although I do not write for comments, it was a surprise gift of encouragement from God.  I write because I must write.  It is like a dam of words inside of my soul that must be released.[more]

Just as the above photo illustrates how we can be surprised by beauty, God can sometimes surprise you in the most unexpected ways. 

Thank you for reading my blog as I confess that I was having doubts yesterday about my blogging.  It is the recovering perfectionist in me that looks at the “what I wish would be…” and then God gently pulls me back to gratitude in the present. 

So grateful that He is gentle.

I am thankful for His undeserved and patient love and for His many graces in my life.  I’m training my heart to be grateful and as I do, I am discovering His joy.  Another surprise gift!

When has God surprised you with a gift?  With His sense of humor?

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