One way to celebrate Mother’s Day (or a friend)

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Our daughter sits across from me at our kitchen table. Her face fixed, shoulders hunched over as she works on a math problem. Sometimes she’ll look up and ask a question or tell me about her day.

I smile as her face lights up and when I listen to her talk.

Maybe a similar scene plays out at your home.

Sadly, many girls in the majority world don’t receive an education. Those same girls often become women who live without basic needs such as a safe home, food and water, and a way to generate income without degradation.

But for some women, their story and their lives are changing for the better.

And you can be part of writing their beautiful story.

Elementary Girl doing homework

Photo used with permission of Flickr User: Carissa Rogers

I’m excited to share this opportunity with you as Mother’s Day approaches.

Are you looking for a beautiful gift for your mom or a mom-to-be, which will also help another woman out of poverty? Bless two women with one gift?

Look no further.

Work of Worth (WoW) exists to sustainably employ entrepreneurs in dignity from poverty and the sex trade.

When WoW asked me to partner with them by curating a collection of their goods created by women and men from the developing world, I agreed.

Work of Worth provides a next step for women and men because it gives them a pathway toward freedom, dignity and a better life.

It was a difficult choice but I curated: 1) The Mother’s Day Freedom Style Box (a lovely gift for a new mom-to-be and her baby*);

2) A delicate yet statement making Leather Leaf necklace made in India; and

3) the Birds on a Line journal because it combines three of my favorite things: the color blue, birds and a journal.

If you want to see more of their products, please visit Work of Worth’s site.

I hope you’ll consider buying something for your mother, aunt, sister or a friend as a way to celebrate your loved one and help another person out of poverty with dignified work. I did.

Or you could buy a gift for yourself knowing you’ll also be blessing another woman with work and dignity.

*More newborn and toddler sizes are available at WoW’s site.

Join others in making an impact on women & their children via @WorkofWorth #endhumantrafficking. Click to Tweet, please.

I hope to share more about the fabulous Jumping Tandem Retreat, which I attended last weekend. Grace gift.

Subscribers: let me know if you’re interested a PDF with my notes from Dr. Helen Fagan’s talk on growing by being with people who are different from you. If enough people express an interest, I will create one.

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