On growing and abiding in joy – 7

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Many years ago, our family visited a cherry orchard (*).

Row after row of green trees laden with small red orbs stood before us. The sun warmed our bodies.

We climbed ladders and picked one red cherry at a time, careful to not crush each one.

It made me appreciate how much time and effort it takes to pick enough cherries to fill a small basket.

No oranges or apples grew on the cherry trees. Obvious, right?

Yet more often than I’d like, I sow seeds of ingratitude and expect joy to result.

Or I sow seeds of gratitude but I expect fruit to appear overnight or at least in a week.

Did you know it takes about five to seven years after planting a sweet cherry tree before it produces fruit?



Photo courtesy of Flickr CC User: Oleksandr Vertly

To read more about the process of growing and abiding in joy, visit Deeper Waters Ministry here. Thanks. I look forward to seeing you there.

This is the 7th post in exploring Joy Series.

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(*) I have a distinct memory of picking cherries, climbing on a ladder and feeling hot and tired. My husband can’t recall this trip but we are both old enough to not remember everything we have done during our 24%20 years together.

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