Love Laments – 4

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“Our only hope is to march ourselves to the throne of God and in loud lament cry out the pain that lives in our souls.” —Ann Weems

“rain slowly slides down the glass as if the night is crying.” ― Patricia Cornwell

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I struggled to find words and prayers in response to recent events. Then I read Ruth Haley Barton and Rev. Prince River’s prayers and their words resonated.

“The prayer of lament is a place to begin as we seek to respond to the sin, the brokenness, and the complexity of our life together as human beings. It is tempting to rush to problem-solving and fixing when the situation is so dire, but I hope we won’t.

Let us stop, at least for a moment, and lament together.” —Ruth Haley Barton

And from the Rev. Prince Rivers:

Help me, God. Help us. . . . Help our nation. Help us examine ourselves. Help those of us who are sad and angry not to let these deaths be in vain. We do not pray for vengeance, but we do thirst for justice. We hope for healing between neighbors and officers called to protect and serve. We long for the day when young men will live long enough to be old men and parents will not have to say ‘good-bye’ too soon.”


Read the rest of Ruth Haley Barton’s post, “The Prayer of Lament: When We Don’t Know What To Do” here and Rev. Prince River’s “A Prayer For Those Who Cannot Breathe.”

Will you please join us in a prayer of lament?

Let us love by lamenting with those who have lost loved ones.