Can you practice hope with laughter?

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When is the last time you laughed so hard, tears trickled down your cheeks? Or you snorted till you sounded like those sea lions at Pier 39?

Lately, I’ve been challenged to laugh more as a way to practice biblical hope (which isn’t denial but a positive expectancy based on our relationship with Jesus, serving as a robust anchor in the storm).

Our family sat around the dinner table playing this card game. Imagine red, green, yellow, or blue cards with either a bonnet-wearing girl or a hat-wearing boy where the cards are numbered one through ten.

The game is part luck of the draw (the order of your cards) and requires you to know where to focus your attention so you get rid of all your blitz cards first AND also get rid of as many of your other cards, too.

If you want to win, the game requires quick reflexes (which our daughter has in spades) as you slap your card or cards if you have a good hand (pun intended) when an opening presents itself, and fast eye movements to keep track of the different growing piles in the table’s center.

Oh, and you can only use every third card for the center piles unless you can use a card from your blitz pile.

Got it?

A good laugh is a release—even if only for a moment—from worry, strife, and self. It is a sudden, often unbidden confession that someway, somehow, all is well, or at least there is a hope that it can be.Carolyn Arends

Did you know you can have negative points? As in less than zero. Yep.

Once I got over myself (Lord, have mercy), I could laugh while also being the source of my family’s laughter. I was the newbie and ” learning” the rules as we played.

We played multiple rounds. Our daughter won the most times, then my husband. I may have won once.

“Laughter, when induced through Joy and Fun. . . [is] a release from worry, a bubbling up of hope, and a bold statement of faith that indeed all shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” Read more of Carolyn Arends’ article, “Carbonated Holiness: Laughter is Serious Business” here.

When we practice laughter as a “bubbling up of hope,” we practice releasing our worries to God. (Click to Tweet 🙂

I don’t want to minimize what is hard and painful in any one’s life. But I’m learning laughter allows me to better bear with hope what is difficult.

May God give us the grace to laugh as a release from worry and a bubbling up of hope.

What makes you laugh?

Are there any games, like Dutch Blitz, that you like to play with friends and family?

Some other things that make me laugh: our dog Bailey sticking his nose under my left hand to lift it from the keyboard because he wants me to rub behind his ears; when I admit a faux pas to my husband and he laughs with me instead of at me; what our daughter observes about life and people; when my husband does something that is uniquely him (can’t say much more as I respect his privacy).

Please share your list. I’d love to know and laugh with you. Thanks!