How Karen found hope in brokenness

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I treasure and appreciate every reader’s email, sharing part of her or his life with me.

After reading my post “Hope in your brokenness,” Karen (from York, PA) emailed me with her story. It encouraged me so I asked if I could share her words. (Thanks, Karen!)

Karen’s story of hope in her brokenness:

“I’ve experienced hope while caring for my mom who has dementia. We split the time between aides and family. But support is few and far in between.

One particular incident we had a huge snow winter 2016. The aide called off, my car broke down, my hubby was plowing roads and I had the flu. I made repeated phone calls to help with my mom to no avail. No one answered. I eventually had to go over myself.

With shopping cart in tow and my dog, I had to walk. Walking each step I took it seemed as though I was walking slower and slower. The aide on duty was calling to see where I was because it was taking so long.

I hit a breaking point where I couldn’t move another step.

Fell on my knees in snow and prayed to the Lord and asked him to help me saying. “I need you, Daddy, …help me, please help me”. I started to recite the 23rd Psalm and instantly I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and Hope that I knew He was working it out for me.

I got up, started walking while reciting the Psalm until I reached my destination.

I practice hope knowing it’s being worked out for my good, trusting God and having faith to believe in His promises.Karen

Upon arrival, I no longer felt sick and the Lord allowed me to continue caring for my mom with no feeling of sickness whatsoever. Mom, who is usually aggressive, pacing and anxious, was extremely peaceful, pleasant and very helpful I might add. As if she knew. I’ll never [forget] that day when I had to be broken to be made whole. Such amazing sense of hope.

I practice hope knowing it’s being worked out for my good, trusting God and having faith to believe in His promises.

I live with hope for I recognize the fact that the Lord is in the midst of all of my circumstances and my purposes for  Kingdom building is much larger than all of my circumstances.”

Thank you, Karen, for being brave and sharing your story with us.

May God empower us to choose hope (over and over) when we are broken. And may we experience the joy of God’s presence like Karen did.

What is your broken place? It may be a painful relationship, a difficult work matter, or just certain daily chores.

Sometimes, we may have to practice faith and patience as we wait. God hears us.

We can trust God’s timing even when it is slower than we’d like.

What touched you about Karen’s story?

How does knowing God’s Word by memory help us practice hope in faith?

Do you have a story of practicing hope that you’d like to share?

Thanks for being here!

P.S. (Her observation: “when I had to be broken to be made whole” reminded me of how Christ’s body was broken so that we can be whole. Mystery. It is also one of the themes of 7 Days of Soul Care)

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