Graffitti on your heart? Guest Post by Alene Snodgrass

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I read Alene’s e-book, Graffitti:scribbles from different sides of the street, and I was captivated. First, by how God orchestrates events to bring two people together: Alene, a suburban mom, and Rick, a homeless man. Second, Alene’s faithful steps of obedience inspired me.

God places different calls on each of our lives, and I enjoyed reading Alene and Rick’s story. Just for you, today, Alene is offering her e-book for only 99 cents here. Read Alene and Rick’s story and be encouraged to make a difference.

Here’s Alene:

I was going about my routine-filled days when light pastel scribbles began to appear on my heart. Seeking God to understand this heart-graffiti the colors began to grow brighter.


Maybe you’ve been there. You sense the faint colors of graffiti on your heart, but you aren’t sure what it all means. You seek. You search. You pray. “God, is this really what you are calling me to do?” Finally, a bold flash of graffiti paint splashes across your soul. You know what God is scribbling on your heart and it stops you in your tracks.

It’s foreign.

It’s scary.

It’s new.

In Graffiti: scribbles from different sides of the street, you will read the story of what God painted on my heart. He seriously scribbled a call to serve in the inner city. When I first stepped out, my footing was unsure. My moves were full of doubt and uncertainty.

I didn’t know what to do. Or even if I could. And so I prayed one day that God would give me an opportunity to bless another.

As I came down the hallway I walked over to the bench where the men were and said, “Hi! How are you doing today?” And with that I froze. I froze! Not another word came out of my mouth. I just stood there looking like a buffoon I’m quite sure! I didn’t know anything about being homeless. My mind couldn’t picture ghetto.

The curiosity within me wanted to know about the streets. And inside my head these thoughts raced: Alene, say something! You know whatever you say and do it’s as if you are doing it for Jesus, and here you stand speechless. Say something!

But I couldn’t. Not one other thing came out of my mouth. What word did I have that could comfort this man’s soul? What did we share in common for conversation? I hung my head low and turned and walked away.

The screaming thoughts in my head were intense: Alene, seriously! God provides you with an opportunity to love others and you just stand there. Jesus, I’m so sorry. Jesus, you were there and I missed an opportunity to serve you. I’m so sorry!

While I continued to beat myself up and remind myself how disappointed Jesus must be in me, one of the men hollered out: Ma’am, you need to know I love you!”

Others around might have been wondering what was going on, and you might be thinking the same thing. But let me tell you the peace that came over me when that man spoke out, it was as if Jesus were trying to tell me: It’s alright. I know this is all new to you. So you froze – I still love you. I’m so proud of you for stepping out! That was the first encounter of me trying to step out into this new place Jesus was leading me. It wasn’t pretty. It was awkward.

Was I successful? It would seem a big NO would be the answer; however, I’d say “yes.” Because I stepped out and tried, I was successful.

Your journey is all about the steps you take in obedience, baby steps at first. I’ve taken many more since that day and with each scary step, God blesses me abundantly! (taken from Graffiti: scribbles from different sides of the street)

How do you understand the graffiti that God is scribbling on your heart? You take a step in obedience! God is looking for faithful people who will but listen to the scribbles on their soul and go. <—tweet that!

God will lead you places you never dreamed. Cool places! God brought a homeless man, Rick, across my path who loved to write. God showed me that although we were different we had so much in common. graffitireleasepin

Rick and I turned our writings in to a book. Graffiti: scribbles from different sides of the street. Oh how I hope you’ll read and see how awesome the journey can be when you lay aside the fear that you’ll be different and do what God is asking you to do. You will be inspired by the writings of this homeless friend. What is God asking of you? What is God scribbling upon your heart?  

POST BIO: Alene shares her everyday, ordinary life at her blog, Positively Alene. She’s a storyteller with a heart for the broken. Through her writing and speaking she captures the hearts of her audience and challenges the core of each soul to reach out and serve others. Also, you can find her on Twitter and Facebook. To get updates for her upcoming online Bible study click here.

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