Five Things I learned in September

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Dear friends,

I haven’t forgotten about our Love Series. Subscribers, I sent you a post, “What Would You Do For Love?” which is basically another view of how Jesus revealed his love for us.

1.  I’m listening to a podcast series on “Transitions,” by Brian Holmes.

He gave me a framework for what has been happening in my life for the past 17 years in various ways. One of my biggest takeaways is that we all go through more than one transition in life. Examples of transitions: marriage, divorce, having children, starting  or ending school/job/new venture, moving, empty nest, loss of a loved one to death or some other reason, and loss of an ability (such as being able to drive or ______).

To circumvent the natural seasons of life, or to refuse to allow your life to organically move in the direction of destiny is to choose to die. Brian Holmes

Listen to the first podcast in his series on transition, “Navigating the Between.”  Love it! He discusses the 7 Challenges to Transition.

(Photo taken in 2015 of the waves at Carmel Beach, California.)

(2015 photo of the waves at Carmel Beach, California.)

2. What seems impossible to me isn’t when it is what God calls me to do (Luke 1:37).

A few weeks ago, when I felt discouraged, I read this post I wrote in March 2013 when writing this book wasn’t on my radar. The funny thing is the post came up after I did a Google search for something else. Coincidence? I say, “no.”

Pinch me, I actually uploaded my book and cover to Amazon! (Waiting to get the proof copy.)

Thank you very much to each friend who prayed for me; you’re my partner in this little adventure.

In a later post, I’ll share my idea of what to do with the royalties. Hint: IJM

For my long time subscribers, thank you for your grace since I originally thought my book would be finished last year. (*What did I know about writing a book? Nada.*)

3.  If you like the new look of my blog, I give all the credit to my husband. I dedicate my book, 7 Days of Soul Care: A Guide to Letting God Do the Extraordinary with Your Ordinary to him. He came up with the new subtitle.

My favorite part of my new blog: adding hyperlinks without typing out the HTML (which I’ve done for the past 5+ years). It makes me giddy with delight.

4. God surprises me with how patient he is with my frailties and failings.

His love is steadfast and his mercies are new every morning. Very grateful. I need new mercies daily.

5. I keep thinking about the characters in this novel.

Ann Patchett’s lyrical style draws me in. She shows how two people’s actions create a dramatic ripple effect on the lives of their respective children. She shows how divorce affects children.

Bonus: Bailey’s birthday cake. He jumped up to get the doggie cake our girl made for him and his friend. (He often plays at his friend’s bigger yard).

So what have you learned this past September?

Or maybe something from my list resonated with you?

Thanks for being here. I always appreciate your presence.

(Amazon affiliate link to novel, which means I get some chump change if you buy the book. If you do buy it, thanks and enjoy!)

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