Need to nurture your soul? (& #Giveaway!)

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Do you need to nourish and nurture your soul after the elections? I invite you to read my book: 7 Days of Soul Care: A Guide to Letting God Do the Extraordinary with Your Ordinary.

To celebrate its launch, I am hosting a giveaway (see below) of a beautiful necklace and earrings from Vi Bella Jewelry and “You Are God’s Masterpiece,” postcards from Studio JRU.

As my body expanded during pregnancy, my faith and joy have been stretched and developed as I wrote and launched 7 Days of Soul Care.

I pray your faith and joy grow as you read 7 Days of Soul Care because you are developing a deeper connection to the source of true joy: Jesus.

From my discussions with many (in person and online), I know many of you struggle to be true to who God made you.

In 1999, I prayed and asked God to show me how he designed and created me. I wearied of trying to fit my circle in the square expectations of certain people. Thus, my book’s long gestation period began. (If you’re feeling like God has forgotten you, He has not. It takes time for new life to grow.)

I share my long gestation period to encourage those of you who may feel like nothing good will come out of your waiting and working.

Don’t give up if it is what God has called you to do.

Part of my long gestation period was due to my struggle to give myself permission to be me. If you can relate, I want you to know: you are  not alone. God didn’t make a mistake when He created you with your unique gifts and story.

Our daughter needed help to be born. An analogous process occurred with my book baby’s birth: 7 Days of Soul Care. My friends prayed and helped birth my book baby with their prayers, feedback, and sharing. Grace gifts: each person!

You don’t have to influence thousands of lives to make a difference.Mark Batterson, Draw the Circle, Day 25 of 40

As my friends helped me, I pray my book will help birth in you a closer relationship with God.

Most of all, I want to thank God for his great patience and tender love for me throughout my life.

And I want the readers of my book to also experience God’s tender love for them individually.

One reader said, “This book was an oasis in the desert where I had been wandering exhausted, weary and thirsty for several months.”

If your soul is feeling thirsty for more of God, consider buying a copy of 7 Days of Soul Care. 

Read reviews of my book here. You can also learn more about my book here and read what endorsers have said about my book.

Buy #7DaysofSoulCare today at, because we all need a little soul care. Click to Tweet, please.

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As a thank you to each person who bought the book or shared about it, they can submit multiple entries (once a day) during the giveaway period (11/9 to 11/17/16 at 12 a.m.) Blog subscribers also get the same benefit.

The royalties from your purchase will go toward my God-sized (for me) goal of raising $500 for International Justice Mission’s rescue and restoration work for the most vulnerable. (When I last checked, we raised about $93 for IJM.)

Here’s the link to purchase 7 Days of Soul Care:

Please join me on Instagram (@DollyMLee) and use the hashtag #7DaysofSoulCare when you post a photo showing how you connect with our extraordinary God in your ordinary (going for a walk, reading, working etc.) or if you shared a graphic using a quote from my book. Thanks to my rock star Instagram friends who have already shared; you can find them if you look under the hashtag #7DaysofSoulCare on Instagram.

So what is God birthing in your life recently? Or are you in the gestation stage?

I always appreciate hearing from you!

Many thanks to Vi Bella Jewelry. Thanks also to StudioJRU.


Whatever your response to the election result, if you believe in a living God, you can pray (Ruth Haley Barton’s Election Day Lament/Prayer still applies).

I prayed before and during the election. I plan to continue praying for our country. Join me?

Linking with these encouraging friends: Holley, Jennifer. And Lyli. And Barbie.

(*) I have set up my Amazon payment in $100 increments. So I don’t get paid until the royalties reach $100. So after Amazon pays me, I then turn and donate to IJM’s rescue work. My husband and I support IJM monthly. I love IJM’s prayer focus as they serve; I had the honor of attending their first prayer evening in California.

(Affiliate link to Amazon, which means I get some chump change.)