A Prayer of Love for You – 5

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Welcome to the fifth post in our Love Series; I write as a fellow student.

I sat at our kitchen table and read an e-mail newsletter by author/speaker John Eldredge; his words struck deep in my heart.

If you also feel burdened by the violence around us, please read his words and pray with us for “the mighty love of God flow like a river over and through our lives.”

Eldredge observed Hatred is the “new spirit of the age” as confirmed by the daily news. (There is also still love, of course.)

It is all the more important for us to choose love daily.

Since our current series is on Love and he wrote a prayer for love, I share an excerpt of Eldrege’s words with you:

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Photo used with permission of: Philippe Put

From John Eldredge:

“Friends, this will shed so much light on so many things for you. Not just “out there” in the world; it is so close to home, too. I am finding that normal relational tensions are open doors for this darkness; this “violation” followed by “hatred” jumps on every opportunity. It can be triggered by an unkind email or Facebook post or remark. Even just driving. Simple irritation becomes an open door to suddenly feel a whole lot more than just irritation.


Never before has Love been more important to cling to, to pray, to invoke. You are going to need to be vigilant—no little grievances, no offense, no revenge, no open door to any of this. Now I understand why Jesus keeps bringing us back to love, to pray love, to enforce love. Forgiveness, mercy, overlooking offenses, breaking any agreement with violation, hatred or violence. So often these days, as I ask him what to pray, he responds with, “Love.”

“Jesus, we love you. We really do love you. We turn our hearts towards you in love. Jesus – we receive your love. We take refuge in your love.

We make our deepest and total agreement with your love. We receive your love. We take refuge in your love. We make our deepest and total agreement with your love.

And Jesus – we dedicate our lives and our kingdoms to your love. We devote our kingdoms to the love of God. We command that the love of God fills our kingdoms, in every way.

May the mighty love of God flow like a river over and through our lives. Love like an ocean around us.

We bring the love of God against all violation, violence and hatred. We bring the love of God against all envy, jealousy and judgment. We bring the love of God against all cursing.

We choose love. We align ourselves with love. And we command the love of God through our lives, our homes, our kingdoms.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Amen! Just stay with that kind of praying. It will really, really help! God is love, and as we call down love we call down the heart of God himself, and we call down the power of his kingdom.

Offered in LOVE,

John” [From July 2016 Ransomed Heart Ministry email newsletter; I added spacing to make his prayer easier to read.]

  •  Notice how Eldredge prays that we would receive Jesus’ love. This was the main point of my first post in our Love Series. Love begets love. And God alone is pure unconditional love.


  • Will you please join me in praying for love to reign in our lives, families, country, and world today and regularly?
  • What resonated with you from John Eldredge’s prayer or observations about our current age?


I hope to address how love comforts and also answer some of reader/friend M’s email questions in future posts.

Thanks for praying for my 40 day TV and social media fast, which ends on August 10, 2016.

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