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  • “This guide provides the practical tools you need to step forward and move deeper in accepting and living out the freedom Christ says is yours.”
    —Jennifer J. Camp, author of Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things

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    We live in a world with many distractions and messages that pull us in many directions. I write to encourage you to slow down and allow your soul to stop and connect with our loving God. I believe when we still our racing minds and bodies in God's presence, we can know God more intimately (see Psalm 46:10).

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Today, You’re invited

Before I invite you to our book club, I must introduce you to the person behind this invitation. I remember the sweet southern lilt to my friend Maryleigh's voice when we met a few years ago. After we connected via our blogs, I now spoke face to face and looked into her friendly blue eyes. She is as warm and intelligent in person as her writing online. It was also at that retreat I met several more of my online friends in person. Joy! Fast forward to last fall's book launch. You're invited to our online book club, inspired by ...

On love (& trash)

I see him (in my car's side mirror) in the gym parking lot: short whitish-gray hair, dark rimmed glasses, and navy tracksuit. He starts walking toward my car; I wait to see which car he will drive away in so I can park. He slows behind a car in a handicap spot. Sigh. But then he stoops low and picks up a piece of trash and puts it in a plastic sandwich bag in his left hand. He stands and walks away. Although he doesn't vacate a parking spot, I perk up and cheer. It won't bring world peace but ...

How Karen found hope in brokenness

I treasure and appreciate every reader's email, sharing part of her or his life with me. After reading my post "Hope in your brokenness," Karen (from York, PA) emailed me with her story. It encouraged me so I asked if I could share her words. (Thanks, Karen!) Karen's story of hope in her brokenness: "I've experienced hope while caring for my mom who has dementia. We split the time between aides and family. But support is few and far in between. One particular incident we had a huge snow winter 2016. The aide called off, my car broke ...

Seven Things I Learned in January

1.Can we choose to not label one another? "This is not easy. It will make us cry. The only thing that will help is if we name one another rightly. Not pro or against. Not right or left. Not terrorist or traitor. But Beloved." Christie Purifoy 2. The movie I most want to see: Hidden Figures. "When Americans think about the history of science, black women don’t spring to their minds. . . most people — even science students — are hard-pressed to name prominent scientists that aren’t white men." Laurel Raymond in her review of

Can you practice hope with laughter?

When is the last time you laughed so hard, tears trickled down your cheeks? Or you snorted till you sounded like those sea lions at Pier 39? Lately, I've been challenged to laugh more as a way to practice biblical hope (which isn't denial but a positive expectancy based on our relationship with Jesus, serving as a robust anchor in the storm). Our family sat around the dinner table playing this card game. Imagine red, green, yellow, or blue cards with either a bonnet-wearing girl or a hat-wearing boy where the cards are numbered one through ...

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