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    Are you longing to go deeper with God but aren't sure where to start?

  • “This guide provides the practical tools you need to step forward and move deeper in accepting and living out the freedom Christ says is yours.”
    —Jennifer J. Camp, author of Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things

  • Dolly M. Lee


    We live in a world with many distractions and messages that pull us in many directions. I write to encourage you to slow down and allow your soul to stop and connect with our loving God. I believe when we still our racing minds and bodies in God's presence, we can know God more intimately (see Psalm 46:10).

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Dig down to rise up

Digging deeper isn't just about uncovering more dirt. When you persist and dig, you may discover buried treasure under your resistance. Last year, I looked at a package with a photo of cheery yellow and white daffodils. Ugly brown bulbs, looking like dehydrated onions, filled the bag. To prepare the bulbs to become daffodils, I bent with a spade, trying to loosen and break up hard soil. The claylike dirt was so tough, I used my weight on a large shovel so I could break the soil up more. A vision of yellow and white daffodils blooming like cheerful greeters ...

Do you love enough to risk?

Would you risk your life for hundreds of strangers? Would you sacrifice your time, comfort, and money to help someone you just met? Because of Corrie ten Boom and her family's deep love of Jesus and the Jews, they risked their lives to save hundreds of Jews from the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. A fellow Dutch citizen betrayed them and their work with the Dutch Underground.God does not have problems. Only plans. Her father died. Later, her sister Betsie died while they were interned at Ravensbruck concentration camp. By a divine clerical error,

Why you need to know your true worth

What you believe about your worth is crucial because it determines how you live and love. What you believe about your worth influences you more than your circumstances. (Click to Tweet.) (This is not to minimize or deny the difficulty of any one's circumstances.) If you live in poverty and dumpster dive for food because your parents don't believe in welfare, and you win a full scholarship so you can study your passion (art), will you take it? Jeannette's sister Lori receives such an offer and a chance to escape their run-down home with no indoor ...

7 Things I Learned in February

1. If you're not afraid of real transformation, I invite you to pray this prayer from The Transforming Center with me. Wonderful Ash Wednesday prayer from the Transforming Center: pic.twitter.com/Bod7ftbtOC — Gravity Leadership (@GravityLeaders) March 1, 2017 2. Grace never leaves us, in fact, the closer we get to Jesus, the more we need his grace. via Scott Perkins. . .(I have found this to be true in my life.) This Godzone podcast interview with Scott Perkins tackles the issue of our identity in Christ. Scott said he erroneously projected onto God the lie that if he ...

What did one woman’s mistake teach me about God?

One woman's mistake about an Apple I's worth taught me how much God loves and values me. Do you ever misjudge your own worth or the worth of something based on externals? "In June 2015, a woman found a forgotten, old computer belonging to her deceased husband in their garage. The computer was bulky and heavy compared to today’s sleek models. She donated the clunky, outdated computer to an electronics-recycling center in Northern California. She didn’t know its true worth. But someone at the recycling center did. The rare Apple 1 sold for $261,470 at auction. She didn’t leave contact ...

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