8 Things I learned in May 2016

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Podcasts, a movie, a book, writing advice from William Safire and a webisode are some of this month’s finds:

1. If you want pansies to self-sow and produce glorious purple color from fall into mid-spring in a pot, give them enough water.

I used to think they didn’t last very long but now I know it is because they didn’t receive enough water.

2. I highly recommend Terry Gross’s interview of Nancy Jo Sales, author of American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers.

“The whole idea of “hotness” has become such a factor in the lives of American girls, unfortunately, because according to… a really landmark report by the American Psychological Association in 2007, this has wide-ranging ramifications for girls’ health and well-being…” —Nancy Jo Sales

Read interview highlights here.

3. An excerpt from my favorite writing quote this month:

“Composition is a discipline; it forces us to think.

. . . write it down and then cut out the confusing parts.”

—William Safire

Read the post for some great writing tips by Pamela Wilson and print a copy of the full quote here.

4. We watched a short version of Pierre Sauvage’s documentary Weapons of the Spirit about Le Chambon participated in “a conspiracy of goodness” during World War II as this village helped hide thousands of Jews from the Nazis.

Watch a short clip here.

5. I highly recommend the Audible version of Sue Monk Kidd’s novel The Invention of Wings.

You can listen for free if you try Audible (*).

The story is about the unlikely friendship between Sarah Grimke and a slave girl, Hettie or “Handful”, who is Sarah’s birthday gift from her mother. {shudder} The Audible version has two distinct voices as Sarah and Hettie share their very different lives.

Weeks later, I still think about Hettie, her mother Charlotte, and how we were made to be free.

6. Watch Sarah Jakes Roberts (author of the memoir Lost & Found) in her inspiring webisode about Grace (unconditional love):

Watch here.

7. Encouragement from Shauna Niequist to simply be you:

“Don’t be the next anybody. Be deeply, weirdly, completely, totally you.” —Shauna Niequist

Read the rest of Shauna’s post here.

8. Re-listened to the podcast by Timothy Keller  on “A Christian’s Happiness” based on Romans 8:28-30….not just the oft-quoted Romans 8:28.

Keller’s three points: 1) For those who love God, God promises to take the bad things and turn them to good in the long run (notice: bad things are still called bad things);

2) Our good things can’t be lost;

3) The best is yet to come.

Listen to Keller’s podcast here.

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