7 Days of Soul Care

What if we let God do the extraordinary with our ordinary by connecting with him in our everyday moments?

What’s the book about?

7 Days of Soul Care invites readers to surrender fear and to courageously embrace the journey of living more fully into his or her amazing true identity as God’s Beloved.

Using creative stories, Scripture, thoughtful journal questions, and heartfelt prayers, Dolly Lee guides the reader through soul care practices, she has learned to implement over the past seventeen years. She writes out of her own battle with anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and how God’s grace met her.

What inspired Dolly to write 7 Days of Soul Care?

Dolly has lived and wrestled with the soul care practices and questions she writes about in 7 Days of Soul Care: A Guide to Letting God Do the Extraordinary with Your Ordinary.

In 1999, she prayed and asked God to show her how he created and designed her. She wearied of trying to fit her circle in the square expectation of certain key people.

Through her blog and talking to other women, she knows others also struggle to simply be who God created them to be.

God answered her prayer and led her on a surprising journey of self-discovery and a deeper experience of his love by taking her through some valley lows and mountain highs. And she wants others to know they can trust God with their journey of self-discovery and living into who God created them to be.

Because of her experiences, she believes in the power of God’s love and presence to transform and redeem brokenness into unexpected beauty. And she wants readers to also experience that same transformation.

In 7 Days of Soul Care, Dolly encapsulated highlights of what she learned over the past 17 years, and what she continues to learn and practice in deeper ways.

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What endorsers are saying about 7 Days of Soul Care

“Our world can convince us we need to do “big” things for God. But we serve a Savior who came to a tiny manger in a small town to live a simple life of uncommon obedience. . . . Dolly’s words help us stop striving and instead lean into the grace, love and intimacy we truly need and only God can give.” —Holley Gerth, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of You’re Already Amazing


7 Days of Soul Care is a compact and powerful resource for life change. It is the voice of the wise friend offering counsel, providing real-life encouragement, and whispering the truth of your identity in Christ. This guide provides the practical tools you need to step forward and move deeper in accepting and living out the freedom Christ says is yours. —Jennifer J. Camp, author of Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things


“Through creative stories, thoughtful questions, and rich prayers, Dolly Lee’s 7 Days of Soul Care kick-starts a lifetime habit of reflection and study for someone longing for something deeper with God. Lee clearly longs for readers to see themselves through the eyes of our extraordinary God.” —Ann Kroeker, writing coach and author of The Contemplative Mom: Restoring Rich Relationship with God in the Midst of Motherhood


“Dolly is a gentle, knowledgeable guide. This grace-filled book captures the essential steps to escape shame and persistent unworthiness in the Christian life.” —Mick Silva, Author Coach and Editor


Like the layers of color on an artist’s canvas, Dolly Lee’s words in 7 Days of Soul Care display a depth of beauty and wisdom.  She graciously invites us on a journey of reflection and renewal as we discover our exceptionalism, born from an intimate connection with an exceptional God. The end result is a masterpiece that celebrates everything God created us to be.

You will love this book! —Lisa Murray, author of Peace For A Lifetime


“Artist, learner, and listener Dolly Lee brings together her transformed brokenness, heightened awareness, and shared empathy in 7 Days of Soul Care, a devotional about God and self, suffering and grace, Scripture and prayer. Freeing and renewing, this carefully crafted passing-on of life lessons, questions, and inspirations will grow you in knowing and connecting with God. —Monica Sharman, Editor and Author of Behold the Beauty: An Invitation to Bible Reading


Social media’s incessant demands and the whirlwind of busyness we’ve embraced have done nothing but distract us from the care and feeding of our weary, parched souls.  You’ll find Dolly Lee’s 7 Days of Soul Care to be a lovely spiritual mini-retreat, a nurturing, Christ-centered guidebook you’ll return to again and again.  Come thirsty! —Linda R. Stoll, M.S., CLC, BCPC ,Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Blogger at LindaStoll.net


“Imagine a world where all of us lived fully connected with our extraordinary God and knew deep within our souls that we were his masterpiece.  Dolly Lee has written from her heart as she shares with us practical and inspirational stories and tips in 7 Days of Soul Care. A refreshing, spiritual read!” —Jean Wise, author of Spiritual Retreats: A Guide to Slowing Down to be with God, www.healthyspirituality.org


“Dolly adds a fresh voice to how to live an extraordinary life in our ordinary days. Simple but deep, this devotional reaches each of us, right where we are.” —Lisa Burgess, www.LisaNotes.com