6 Things I learned in March

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1. God has as much to teach a parent of a teenager as the teenager of that parent.

Eugene Peterson boldly claims adolescence is “God’s gift, to the parent in middle-age.” (Like some of God’s gifts, it may come disguised and requires faith to see and unwrap.)

Using the story of Samuel’s call by God, Peterson reminds Christian parents “that the most significant reality in adolescent development is a relationship with God.” (16)

So much wisdom and encouragement in Eugene Peterson’s book Like Dew Your Youth: Growing Up with Your Teenager.

Photo from Filoli Gardens.

2. Do we have a cultural language to bring people back home?

“We today have a language that celebrates waywardness, but we do not have a cultural language to bring people back home, everything I do, my painting, the International Art Movement….has something to do with that.”

—Makato Fujimura

Fujimura’s phrase “a cultural language to bring people back home,” made me think of how the Father scans the horizon, patiently waiting for the prodigal to return home.

Watch this video of artist Makato Fujimura as he created the art of “The Four Holy Gospels” project.

3. I continue to learn the lessons in 7 Days of Soul Care in deeper ways.

I’m realizing it is not something to be ashamed about but a reality consistent with Gospel truth (being conformed to Christ in thought, desires, and deed is a lifelong process). This has been part of my Lenten practice of returning to God.

Daily, I need God’s extraordinary love and presence to infuse my ordinary day.

My sweet friend A. sent me this photo when she thought of me and my book.

4. One way to read through the Bible over an eighteen-month (or two-year) period.

If you want to join, here is a downloadable PDF from Ransom Fellowship. The plan has you read from different parts of the Bible on different days of the week. (I am aiming for the 2-year plan.)

5. Love this podcast on “An Immigrant’s Courage,” by Timothy Keller on Ruth’s story of interracial friendship and marriage.

“Friendship is the way to change the world.” —Timothy Keller

Listen here.

(Subscribers, look for my notes from Timothy Keller’s podcast in an e-mail in a few days.)

6. Three tips to clean your news feed and improve your mood and day.

Tip from Susan Cain’s The Quiet Revolution:

“Just like you are what you eat, you are what you’re fed on social media. Hide people who are bad for your brain.”


What did you learn this month?

What resonated with you from my list?

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