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    Are you longing to go deeper with God but aren't sure where to start?

  • “This guide provides the practical tools you need to step forward and move deeper in accepting and living out the freedom Christ says is yours.”
    —Jennifer J. Camp, author of Breathing Eden: Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things

  • Dolly M. Lee


    We live in a world with many distractions and messages that pull us in many directions. I write to encourage you to slow down and allow your soul to stop and connect with our loving God. I believe when we still our racing minds and bodies in God's presence, we can know God more intimately (see Psalm 46:10).

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Hope in your brokenness

When her book released recently, I prayed many would read her book because I believe its message. Unexpectedly, our books overlapped in themes, such as hope in brokenness because of God. "We are made in the image of God. And wasn’t God’s heart made to be broken too? Wounds can be openings to the beauty in us. And our weaknesses can be a container for God’s glory." A friend and early reader of 7 Days of Soul Care shared the quote (below) was a favorite. Why? Because she experienced her own brokenness when she ...

10 Simple Ways to Connect With God

You’re busy. You work at a job, or at home, or a mix of both. You’re a parent. You’re also a caregiver for a loved one; you’re an unsung hero. Or maybe you struggle with chronic pain. Maybe you think connecting with God is complicated and for other people. I have good news for you: Whatever your situation, here are ten simple ways to connect with God. I’ve used each one.
  1. Talk to God as you go about your day. No need to be fancy. Just honest.
Brother Lawrence in his classic book, The Practice of the ...
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Fear Fighting: Beating The Beast of Worry

I am honored to have Kelly Balerie sharing from her book, Fear Fighting. May her words and practical tip encourage you. I woke up in the middle of the night, my mind tossing and turning worse than my body had been ten minutes ago. Everything hit me at once: I'm not taking care of my family well enough. Good moms make their kids homemade meals, they don't buy the boxed variety in the aisle's of Trader Joe's. They also don't have picture ornaments hanging on their Christmas trees without the faces of their loved ones in them. Most of all ...

When your faith falters (or how to renew your hope)

Dear Friend, We exchanged words online and you told me: your faith was faltering after a hard year, full of loss and disappointment. I wished I could hug you in person and pray with and for you. Although distance separates us, we love and believe in the same God. Thank you for trusting me with your real story and emotions. God is with you and hasn't forgotten or abandoned you. So I share what faith I have with you because my friends' faith carried me (many times) when I was weak. Their faith in God held me when ...

Belief and your destiny?

She was a poor teenager in a small backwater town. Enemy troops controlled her homeland. No one of power and influence noticed her. He was a trained religious leader. He and his wife had been married for years. God called them "blameless," yet God hadn't answered their many prayers for a child. For the past week or two, I read a familiar Christmas story. As I read the story over and over, I noticed something. A "you can't make this up" kind of surprise interrupted Zechariah and Mary in the middle of an ordinary day. How did they ...

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