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    We live in a world with many distractions and messages that pull us in many directions. I write to encourage you to slow down and allow your soul to stop and connect with our loving God. I believe when we still our racing minds and bodies in God's presence, we can know God more intimately (see Psalm 46:10).

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What I “Learned” this Summer

Hi Friends, I missed writing here but the time away was needed for healing. The quotes around "Learned" in the title signifies my learning is ongoing. Here's a peek at my process. 1. There is power in saying aloud, "I trust you, God" even when I don't feel it. Likewise, when I speak aloud biblical promises God has given me, God shows up. It isn't dramatic. Sometimes, it creeps up on me slowly the way the sun rises, imperceptible at first, until light overcomes darkness. For example, I'll notice at the end ...

Where are you? – 6b (& announcement)

Remember in The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy is caught up in a tornado, ripped from the familiar in Kansas, and she and Toto end up in the strange and wonderful land of Oz? Have you ever felt like Dorothy? Surprised at where you are? Well, that is what it feels like sometimes when the Holy Spirit (whom Jesus compared to the wind in John 3:4-8 in the act of spiritual rebirth) works in your life. Giving birth to new life is messy. (I edited out the word "bloody," because it can be misunderstood. I only ...

When you need a translator – 6a

This past summer, our family sat in a cheerful cafe in Amsterdam. My husband and daughter tried a local favorite: bitter balls (or bittenball in Dutch), little round delicacies filled with beef and a creamy sauce. Because I switched to a gluten-free diet for health reasons, I vicariously enjoyed this delicious snack. After we ate, I handed my husband a fifty Euro bank note (what the ATM dispensed). He held it up to the light as he admired the beauty of the note's design. It had a transparent section. I saw two middle-aged women (at a nearby table) look at ...

If you want to hear God (& Three Tips) -5

If you want to hear God, you must stop talking. Sounds obvious, right? The same technique also works with hearing from loved ones, friends, and coworkers. To hear God, I've had to learn to quiet the voices in my head. Listening to worship music helps. Scripture reading helps. Walking (in particular, a prayer labyrinth) helps. And when the Spirit enables me to be still, my heart rate slows. Sometimes it takes a while. Being still also allows me to mute other voices. You know, the ones poking, prodding, and plying you with lies, such as: "Do more, be more, and ...

How weakness can open you to God’s provision -4

Confession: I prefer to be strong, healthy, and in control by being prepared before I speak or teach. But days before I taught on Psalm 23, I was not strong, not healthy, and not in control. The day before my Sunday talk for a local rehab center, my outline wasn't finished. A first. My weakness opened me to God's gracious provision (once I surrendered it to God). My brokenness cracked me open so God's glory (His character, in this case, of grace) to shine forth. One of the most mysterious teachings of St. Paul ...

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